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Corey Ross pastors the Williamson County Cowboy Church at Harvest Ranch
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Rich Allcorn - cowboy at Rodeotown (Marble Falls TX)Meet Corey !

... Singer, Preacher, Cowboy!

Born in the early spring of 1969, in Casa Grande, Arizona, Corey Ross grew up living the cowboy lifestyle that many young cowboys dream about, working with his Dad on the 26-Bar Ranch for none other than ...John Wayne, "the Duke”. 

After serving as an evangelist for over 13 years, recording a few musicCD’s, and pioneering several cowboy churches, Corey Ross has established himself as a successful cowboy evangelist, as a professional rodeo cowboy, and as a pastor!

Corey travels as an evangelist, and is the Sr. pastor at Harvest Ranch, home of the Williamson County Cowboy Church!

The church, formed from an outreach that began back in 2004. It all began on the beautiful “Smilin’ V Ranch” in Liberty
Hill Texas!

They now meet on their own land, not far from their beginning at the Smiling V.

They are building "Harvest Ranch", a beautiful Cowboy Church facility with a state-of-the-art arena, concession stand, announcers booth,stands, and everything you need for hosting barrel racing, team roping, and bullriding.

With the stands for plenty of spectators,plenty of parking, and the wonderful arena, they're ready for cowboy action! Construction is already underway for a spacious building to house the meetings of Williamson County Cowboy Church, rain or shine.  



.the prophet
We Serve a God of "Action" !

The Bible says that "He will guide our path", but it's hard for Him to guide "anything" if we're not moving! All throughout the Bible you see this.  Man steps out, God directs, and things are accomplished!  Did you notice that first part, though?  Man – steps – out?  That means that ‘we’ have to START, in order for something to happen! We have to take some sort of action - any action - in order for God to have something to direct, and something to direct.” 

I like to put it this way ... "you cannot steer a 'parked' car!"
A parked car is going nowhere!

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